Staff in Training (SIT)

Special Days Camps recognizes that in order to provide a quality experience for campers, time must be invested into training the staff properly. The Staff in Training (SIT) program is a two week long experience offered each summer.   Through activities, practice, reflections, and a variety of missions, SITs learn the behind the scenes magic of Special Days.  They also learn valuable tips and tricks for dealing with everything from difficult campers to making an activity more engaging.

The SIT program is available to anyone looking to become part of our high quality staff. The program has a focus on the sometimes difficult transition from camper to staff and is required for all 18 and 19 year olds. The program is two weeks and may be completed in one summer or broken up over two summers.

Many find their SIT experience to be one of high value and personal growth with skills that can be transferred beyond the boundaries of camp. Upon successful completion of the program, an SIT may be recommended for any or all of the following positions:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Leadership Team
  • Administration
  • Program Team
  • Technology Team
  • Cabin Leader
  • Canteen