Our Medical Team

Tparts-2014-village-4214he Special Days Camps health program operates under the direct supervision of Health Director Lynne Royer-Willoughby RN, MSN, NP and our medical team and is designed in accordance with guidelines provided by the State of Michigan,  the Children’s Oncology Camping Association – International (COCA-I), and our partner hospitals. Our medical staff is made up of licensed doctors, nurses and pharmacists, some of which are previous campers who have chosen to enter the medical field. During day-to-day operations a member of our medical team may consult with you or your child’s physician for direction should a question arise regarding their care, treatment or activities.  We have relationships with local medical facilities, and emergency medical transport is available at all times, should it become necessary.

Working with your family, we are able to meet each campers’ individual needs with on-site mobility assistance, adapting the physical demands of activities, providing basic first aid or administering chemo at camp.

Because they enjoy being with the children and believe in Special Days Camps’ mission, our medical professionals volunteer their time outside of the hospital setting.